Mimi Ni Change 

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Transformational Leadership

02. About Us

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About Mimi Ni Change

Mimi ni Change is a new and exciting initiative that is geared towards the transformation of the mindset of the youth and young adults for a better future. Registered in 2015, Mimi ni Change Solutions is a company that intends to transform the mindset of the Kenyan youth on tribalism. Mimi ni Change plans to rally the youth in Kenya to speak with one voice and disrupt the tribal status quo. We focus on unity in diversity.


The platform is open to young people regardless of age, gender, educational background, class, political affiliations, religion or race.

Why MiminiChange

In 1963, Kenya gained independence and 51 years later, tribalism still controls decision-making processes in employment, electoral and leadership positions. In 2007, political campaigns were marred with hate speech and centered on tribal alliances. Tribalism exacerbated the Post Election Violence (PEV) that tore down the country in a matter of days. More than 1,100 people lost their lives during the PEV and over 600,000 were internally displaced. Mimi ni Change believes that the youth who constitute close to 80 percent of the Kenyan population can rise above tribal politics, and promote a friendly and peaceful society. 


A stand against tribalism means no to: 

  • Corruption
  • Insecurity
  • Unemployment