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Transformational Leadership

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Welcome to Mimi Ni Change

We are change makers with a vision to transforming Kenyan youth to be the leaders of the Kenya We Want.  Mimi Ni Change is a movement that aims to rally the Kenyan youth to speak with one voice and say no to tribalism. The platform is open to all young adults and youth regardless of age, class, education, gender, political affiliation, race, religion, status or tribe. 

Mimi Ni change is a unique and an ambitious project that will bring together youth who comprise close to 80 percent of the total population of Kenya. We intend to rewrite the history of our country by using the diversity as strength and not a divisive tool. Mimi Ni Change advocates for a change of heart towards other tribes thus promoting cohesion and unity among communities that have been divided along tribal lines.


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  • Conduct research on pertinent issues affecting the youth and how they are interlinked to tribalism in Kenya.

  • Create a platform for leveraging resources, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and connect with each other.

  • Recruit Mimi Ni Change champions and ambassadors to reach out to youth in their communities to join the movement.

  • Conduct transformational leadership workshops across the country.

  • Hold thought provoking focused group discussions on tribalism and how it perpetuates corruption, unemployment and insecurity in Kenya.  

Our Values 

  • Integrity 
  • Authenticity 
  • Courage 
  • Humility
  • Service
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